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Hand Carved Limestone Tuscan Columns


A traditional Tuscan column, this one is made of limestone and carved entirely by hand. Made up of a base, three barrels and a capital, there is a hollow cavity from top to bottom allowing one to secure them firmly to a footing with rebar and cement. Particularly lovely as a Pergola.

16″L 16″W 7’3″H

Harvest Mirrors


In conjunction with Moss Studio and Breck Armstrong, we have created these striking Harvest Mirrors. Breck found an original wooden wheel from the Industrial Revolution in England, circa 1850, and with the help of our valued artisan, Venancio, we have duplicated this stunning design in three sizes. Cut, nailed and finished by hand, these mahogany mirrors we simply found irresistible.

24″ D and 3″ H

30″ D and 3″ H

36″ D and 3″ H

Bronze Eggplant


One in our collection of hand cast bronze, this aubergine can strike a handsome pose alone, or along with other bronze fruit and vegetables in an antique bowl. To maintain the finish, we have applied butcher’s wax and buff to a hard, low-lustre finish.